Blue Raspberry Kettlecorn

Blue Raspberry Kettlecorn

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Small - 4 Cups

Medium - 8 Cups

Large - 30 Cups

Blue Raspberry is a classic flavor in the snacking industry. Sodas, lollipops, hard candies, licorice and more have been flavored with blue raspberry. Now we have included kettlekorn to the list of snack items that taste like the berry no one has ever seen. The flavor is described as somewhere between tangy and sour.

It was originally derived from blue whitebark raspberry fruit juice and popularized as a designer product in the late 1950’s. Our fascination with the blue colored flavoring made it a must try for us here at Maw ‘N Paw Kettlekorn. It’s a great treat for any kid young or old. And yes, your tongue will turn blue! So grab a bag and see how long it takes for you.

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