Did you know that each year we help; schools, non-profits, cheerleaders, bands even sorority’s raise money.

Since 1999 Maw N Paw has been a staple in the local community fundraising effort. One of our success stories this last year raised over $2500 in just 30 days using our popcorn.

We are committed to giving at least 50% back from the sales of each item. The great part is that you set your prices so it’s totally up to you how much you earn.

The best part is we are “LOCAL” we believe in our community and would love the opportunity to help you achieve your goal this year!!!

The process is very easy.

  • Submit your application and get approved
  • Go Sell popcorn
  • Pick up and distribute

Email us today about how to get started.


Wishing you success!

 Johnny Kendall