Mixed Fruit Kettlekorn

Mixed Fruit Kettlekorn

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Small - 4 Cups

Medium - 12 Cups

Large - 30 Cups

This delightful combination of Watermelon, Boysenberry, and Strawberry Banana combine to make our famous Mixed Fruit kettle corn. It might seem weird to be eating a fruit flavored kettle corn, but everyone, children especially, go bonkers for the multi-colored confetti looking popcorn. Mix it up today with a little Mixed Fruit kettle corn. We like to think of this popcorn as our carnival corn. The confetti coloring reminds us of the sweet smells of fair and the bright colors of the rides. This popcorn is poster child of our slogan, “Popcorn like you’ve never tasted.” So if you are looking for a surprise for anyone with a little adventure in their heart, try this flavor today.

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