White Cheddar Kettlekorn

White Cheddar Kettlekorn

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Small - 4 Cups

Medium - 12 Cups

Large - 30 Cups

Fluffy kettle popped corn tumbled in savory White Cheddar Cheese. This flavor is delectable and just a bit sharper than our Cheddar Cheese. Eating our White Cheddar popcorn is a total experience, flavors like parmesan, blue cheese, and mozzarella all appear. Our great, full-flavored White Cheddar popcorn leaves a great taste in your mouth and a little left over on your fingers. Think about every delicious expectation you might have about eating cheesy popcorn, then prepare to be amazed by ours. You will never have to buy stale or low quality cheese corn from a gas station or warehouse store again. Our white cheddar cheese popcorn is a delicious version of the classic popcorn treat. Try adding some of your own flavors in your next bag of white cheddar, some suggestions are pepper, garlic, oregano, or even hot sauce. Get a bag and start mixing and matching today!

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