Spicy Chicago Kettlekorn

Spicy Chicago Kettlekorn

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Small - 4 Cups

Medium - 12 Cups

This combination is our latest and greatest. Caramel corn straight from the kettle tumbled with not only Cheddar Cheese, but our Cajun spices as well. WOW WEE!!! Get ready for the 1-2-3 full spectrum of flavor. Savory as it first hits your tongue, sweet as it starts to absorb, and a spicy kick when it’s all said and done. Can I get another handful please? And something to drink! After the successful reception of our Chicago flavor we decided that we needed to create a beer drinking, sports watching flavor along the same lines. Here you go. The ultimate pour in a bowl and serve to the boys while they are watching the game and chugging down their favorite brew. Don’t get us wrong by describing the flavor this way, it’s a hit with our lady friends too. Throw a bag in your cart and bring it anywhere, it’s always a grand slam.

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