Mint Chocolate Swirl Kettlekorn

Mint Chocolate Swirl Kettlekorn

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Small - 4 Cups

Medium - 12 Cups

Large - 30 Cups

Smooth milk chocolate and cool mint chocolate drizzled over our sweet, salty Original Kettlekorn. This flavor is a blend of chocolaty goodness and minty coolness, a sweeter chocolate, it will invigorate your senses of taste and smell. These two chocolates have been infused in a delicate balance so that nothing is overpowering. Each swipe of mint is met with a balancing stroke of milk chocolate, yet still leaving room for the full flavor of our Original Kettlekorn to peer through. The Christmas holiday is inundated with the usual minty treats. Peppermint sticks, candy canes, cookies, you name it, its probably been made. We have added another option for your pleasure, but ours is a gourmet treat that will melt the competition. Combining chocolate and mint is a classic, adding kettle corn has taken this duo to jolly new heights. A great flavor any time of the year. Try some, you wont be disappointed.

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