Milk Chocolate Kettlekorn

Milk Chocolate Kettlekorn

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Small - 4 Cups

Medium - 12 Cups

Large - 30 Cups

Original Kettlekorn generously drizzled with milk chocolate has been compared to a romantic getaway. Completely delicious and totally stress-free. Milk chocolate is definitely the most popular type of chocolate, and that’s what makes this product so good. Creamy, delightful, sweet and perfectly balanced. Our classic Original Kettlekorn is always guaranteed to please, so when we add the milk chocolate it takes it to a whole other level. Our customers have a tendency to tell us some great stories relating our products to different things. One weekly customer told us that she was addicted to dipping things in milk chocolate. When she found out about our Milk Chocolate drizzled kettle corn she just had to try it. This faithful chocolate lover would now rather have our chocolate drizzled corn than chocolate dipped strawberries! Try some today you won’t be disappointed.

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